Friday, 27 January 2012

At the movies...

it's time for another "Blogstoeckchen" invented by Miss Winkelmann.

Last film you have seen?
Would love to name something really arty and edgy but it was "New Years Eve"

your favourite film?
Amelie, Pane e tulipani, Matchpoint, Love actually, The boat that rocked, Singin in the rain, Bridget Jones I&II, Once, Lost in Translation

do you go to cinema often?
not really...used to go more often when I was younger, was less worried about money and could be bothered to leave the house in the evening. Now it is mostly just some "I definitely have to go and see this one" followed by no action whatsoever.

what genre of films do you prefer?
tragicomedies, documentaries...and sometimes arty farty films with no real plot

what is your favourite snack in cinema?
nothing. Way to expensive! Popcorn always scares me as I don't wanna have bits of it stuck on my tonsils and get a coughing fit during the film. Of the icecream I once got food poisoning...and nachos simply stink!

which film didn't you like?
in cinema? "Emmas Glueck"...and "Pirates of the Carribean II"

favourite actor/actress?
Colin Firth, Scarlett Johansson

what don't you like in cinema?
the grubby floor, annoying people who make allsorts of noises, that it's pricey (unless you have a gem of a cinema nearby like I do).

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  1. Talking about grubby floors - I once saw a mouse hurrying across the cinema floor at Marble Arch. It think this probably says it all...