Thursday, 30 October 2014

bath time

Although Brits prefer soaking in a bath to taking a shower the choice of bubble baths, bath oils and especially bath salts is surprisingly limited in the shops.
In an average chemists you will have the choice of maybe 8-10 bottles of different scents but that is pretty much it.
In Germany the health aspect of a bath seems to be much more important (at least for marketing reasons). Baths fighting sore muscles, unblocking your nose, warming you up, healing your skin, relaxing your mind, making you tired, giving you energy, big bottles, small bottles, jars, sachets, etc.

I´m not pretending that you need this choice but I definitely have to import loads of sachets all the time to keep my bath time on the island interesting...and healthy ;-)


  1. I fully agree. Germany is way better in that respect! can't wait to have a long bath myself :)

    ps: sorry, didn't mean to ignore your message. just been busy busy busy. and yes, will be back in Europe soon, albeit not the UK...

  2. And now I have the wish to take a bath immediately ;)