Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Technik die begeistert

Here I am sitting, blogging, drinking tea and suddenly I hear music...

...it is coming from somewhere in the house, it sounds very cheerful in an artificial way as if an old-style Gameboy would be left playing, I know the melody

After a few surprised moments I get to the bottom of this -
no Gameboy, no ghost and not my mind telling me that I´ve lost it completely now, no:

It´s the new washing machine telling me that it is done!



  1. i think i forgot the c in machine? arf o.O

  2. Von unserem Trockner kenne ich es, dass er sich meldet, wobei er auch nur piepst ;) Die Waschmaschine ist wahrscheinlich zu alt um schon zu reden ;)