Friday, 17 October 2014

everyday (part 39)

one first time each and every day - a new taste, a new experience, a new route, a new song, a new whatever. 

24. - 30. September

24.9. bought mushrooms on the market - cheaper, fresher and more fun than Waitrose (even though Staines market is still nothing compared to German grocery markets)
25.9. a truly royal day - first I saw Prince George and then "Richard III"
26.9. had the Pad Thai at the Thai street food stall on Staines high street for the first and was more than pleased
27.9. tried the new green Coke Life - it's ok but tastes weak, not sure I need it
28.9. lazy Sunday eating some caramel fudge ice cream after a nice walk - surprisingly it wasn't too sweet
29.9. had a look around Brighton's new Open Market off London road
30.9. had my hair cut at posh Trevor Sorbie at Covent Garden

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