Friday, 31 October 2014

everyday (part 41)

one first time each and every day - a new taste, a new experience, a new route, a new song, a new whatever. 

8. - 14. October

8.10. unmotivated trip to Kingston missing sunny Mallorca and finding out that an English pound (454gr) is not equal to a German Pfund (500gr) - they always have to be awkward, don´t they?!
9.10. went to cinema again and saw "What we did on our holidays"
10.10. got to chose between a marzipan croissant and a yoghurt on my flight back to Frankfurt - needless to say that I chose the croissant ;-)
11.10. visited the Max Slevogt exhibition in Mainz
12.10. had a bath with a "green bubbleroon" from Lush which was nice
13.10. lost my "Tatort" virginity to "Im Schmerz geboren" - one of the best things I have seen in a long time, I was and still am overwhelmed! Why can´t tv be more like this more often?
14.10. went to see "Superhero" at Staatstheater Mainz

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