Friday, 24 October 2014

Max Slevogt

Max Slevogt (October 8, 1868 – September 20, 1932) was a German Impressionist painter and illustrator, best known for his landscapes. He was, together with Lovis Corinth and Max Liebermann, one of the foremost representatives in Germany of the plein airstyle.

Last week I finally visited the Max Slevogt exhibition at the Landesmuseum Mainz (one day before it closed again - anyone else always leaving things to the absolute latest?)

Before that he was unknown to me but as I tend to like everything impressionistic I was curious and didn´t get disappointed.

A wide spectrum of paintings and sketches inspired from various areas of life which to me suggests an interesting and versatile character. 
Opera singers, dancers, horse races, Shakespeare plays, wrestlers, pansies, portraits, cabbage fields or chocolate bunnies, it was all there on display and merged into a great exhibition.

Here are some of my favourites...


  1. nice. didn't know this guy ...

  2. Haha, leaving museum visits to the last day possible sounds familiar. I remember one particular visit where we had to line up around half of the building because everyone else seemed to have left the visit to the last days, too ;)