Saturday, 19 November 2011

christmas markets

I know I won´t be making many friends with this post now but I wanted to share my humble opinion anyway (it´s my blog so if not here then where can I!?):
Next week the christmas markets start again in Germany, the craze has made it´s way to the UK as well and there are some open already.

I don´t like christmas markets. I think nowadays they are overpriced, stinking, commercial germpools which are nearly identical no matter where you go.
Suprising that everywhere you find people getting all excited about the wonderful christmassy smells wafting through the it just me who mostly smells kidney shashliks, sickly sweet chocolate popcorn, greasy chips and overpowering mulled wine? who thinks the atmosphere, assuming there ever was one, gets destroyed by an overload of people squeezing past each other while trying to save their grilled sausage, their wallet and spreading some flu viruses? Groups meet up there but are not able to communicate properly with each other for the whole evening...teenagers make themselve sick with mulled wine overdoses.

And after you have looked at all the fancy candles and decorations and knitted gloves and even might have bought some - you don´t really need them again the year after. At exactly the same stand, the same product, just 1€ more expensive probably.
No, even a non-christmas person like me is not immune to some festive mood, original products, indulgent food and contemplation but the markets are one of the most overrated things of this season.


  1. I agree. I am not a christmas person, and the markets are pretty vile. I am still planning on going to Nuremberg. I probably spend 20 minutes on the market (or rather circling it) and the rest enjoying the city and its christmas decorations.... I can do this for half a day. then I have enough for another year...

  2. great to know I´m not the only one...already looking forward to january :-)
    PS: Würd mich gern in Nürnberg treffen zum gemeinsamen nicht auf den Weihnachtsmarkt gehen aber die Zugfahrt ist zu teuer...hab grad geschaut