Monday, 7 November 2011


Another questionnaire found at the wonderful Alice in Astonishland:

1. Are you social network/community addicted?
yes. I started with studivz...had a quick go with wkw but quickly decided it was too common and now limit it to Facebook. But spend hours on it every day and seriously get nervous if I can´t. I met my husband online so I probably will always have a very positive attitude towards online communication.

2. Would you rather live without tv or internet?
TV. I don´t really watch tv when I am on my own. Sometimes I leave a hotel room after a few days noticing that I never turned on the telly there. But life being offline is close to unthinkable.

3. Do you listen to the radio? Which is your favourite channel?
Only passive. I don´t have the patience to wait for songs I like and get easily annoyed by new songs in heavy rotation. But I like my wireless internet radio and sometimes listen to Indian/ Finnish/ Russian/ Malaysian radio stations just because I can :-)

4. Do you read magazines or newspapers?
Lots of magazines and really take several days to finish one "Red" or "MarieClaire". *careful, complete show-off answer following* Newspapers I only pick up at the airport gates...

5. Do you like mobile phones?
I feel naked without it but only use it for texting or talking to my parents. I´m known for never answering the phone thats why it´s nearly always on silent...I used to be quite proud of my newish phones but now mine is over 5 years old, the keys have lost all the paint and I don´t wanna spend money on a new one.

6. Do you own a laptop/pc/tablet?
A laptop...with access to more laptops in the family.

7. Your favourite type of books?
can be anything...but I´m not a thriller, crime or horror reader.
8. Would you rather give up on books or films?
films I guess

9. Favourite tv series?
Sex and the city

10. Favourite films?
Le destin fabuleux d`Amélie Poulain, Pane e tulipani, Matchpoint, Love actually, Singin in the rain, Once, Ronja Räubertochter, 5x2...and some others

11. Watching dvd´s on the sofa or in cinema?
I like going to cinemas (on my own as well) but it is ridiculously expensive and means leaving the house which sometimes I simply can´t be bothered to do. But watching dvd´s is not a thing I normally do when I´m on my own I guess I´m just not a big film person.

12. If you would star in a film, which genre should it be?
If I would like my male co-star it should be a romantic film of course ;-)

13. Which fictional character is your soulmate?
Amélie Poulain

14. Which celeb would you like to meet?
I find it exciting to bump into famous people on the street and I´m not picky which one I see. But if this means meeting in a "having a date" sense; Colin Firth and Robbie Williams.

15. Favourite computer game?
The Sims...the only one I own as well.

16. Favourite music genres?
My music taste is very varied and I should never say never but I think I dislike techno, hip-hop and things like Rammstein, Slayer, etc. But even there are exceptions to the rule...

17. Which band/singer did you have a crush on in your youth?
Jordan Knight from NKOTB...I kissed his poster good-night*cringe

18. Why did you start blogging?
to meet new and exciting people, to document the more superficial sides of my life (for everything else I write a proper diary), to share my opinions, get inspired and probably, to exhibit myself a bit

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