Sunday, 6 November 2011

One day (Zwei an einem Tag)

I finished reading "One day" only recently (as you can read about here) and now really wanted to see the film.
Normally I am quite sceptical if a film adaption will ever be as good as the book or as true to the book but who isn't?!
This film follows the book really closely. A few settings have been changed (London instead of the countryside, Paris instead of Italy, etc) but all in all you could find all major events and thoughts from the book in the film. The cast has been critized a lot, most important Anne Hathaway is seen as being too much the smiling American sunshine and not ironic, grumpy and confidence-lacking enough to play Emma Morley. People might have a point there but I like her and thought that there could have been much worse choices been made...Never seen Jim Sturgess before and liked him. Handsome, beautiful dark eyes, cute. Never looked pathetic when his characters was a lot younger or older than his real age is. He is playing Dexter in a way that makes you think that this role is what Hugh Grant has been missing in his career in order to make the transition from shallow sunnyboy to grown-up man.
Anyway, I unfortunately only saw it in the dubbed German version so can't say anything about the American becoming British accents...not something I normally like and that can wind me up a lot.

It's hard for me to form an ultimate written verdict on the film now because, as expected, it was a really emotional evening at the cinema and I'm sort of still under the spell.
The film is good but as expected the book has so many more layers, such a beautifully crafted language and makes you feel with the characters much deeper. I guess that for an audience who doesn't know the book the film can be too sentimental and melodramatic at times and that loads gets lost in snogging and meaningful looks.
The Rachel Portmann music gave the whole film a sort of timelessness...more of a modern debate of a timeless subject than a film focusing especially on the 80s/90s...(though they gave all the clues in the set, from typewriter to Mac, from curls to smooth, even a Trabbi parked on the road in 1989!!).
For me the essence is that too much hesitation in life can lead to missed opportunities...and that you should listen to your heart, as disgusting as that might sound now.

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  1. Ich wollte diesen Film sehen und wo ich jetzt Deine Filmkritik lese, umso mehr. Thank you for sharing!