Sunday, 20 November 2011

I like Prince Vladimir... he is a wonderful sounding vanilla, sprices and citrus green tea. The insider might have guessed it by now: I have fallen in love with Kusmi teas. And I haven´t even tried them yet as there is no shop with a decent range nearby.
The beautiful beautiful tins the teas come in first caught my eye last year in a Parisian Monoprix. I looked at them...looked at the price...and didn´t buy anything. Because, yes, they are really expensive. But as careful with money as I sometimes am as easy I´m convinced at other times to simply need something no matter what.
So next time in London I will go and will get some of the Russian flavoured black tea mixes as they simply sound stunning. And I´m sure there will be a use for the tins at home once they are empty...

Go and check the beauties out yourself:


  1. i share your love ;)
    but i never bought any... gosh - i am greedy :D

  2. I have seen them so many times but never bought any. let me know if they are as good as they sound and look and I go get some :) maybe at Wertheim Village ;)