Sunday, 27 November 2011

Secondhand Treasure IV

I instantly got excited when I spotted this lovely dark brown leather over the shoulder bag from Aigner. My husband wanted to ask for the price but I first was hesitating as I thought it would be something ridiculous anyway. How good he asked anyway!!!  (followed by a fun little conversation: "Excuse, how much is the bag? "The pram you mean?" "No, I mean the bag not the pram" "You are interested in the pram?" "No, THE BAG" - do we look that desperate for a pram?!?)
Turned out the bag was only 5 £, I mean 5£ for a proper Aigner bag, used but in very good condition!!! The lady showed that she found it hard to part from it but her collection apparently was too big and she wanted to downsize...lucky me, and I hope she knows her baby is in good hands now :-) I love car boot sales...

where: Shepperton car boot sale
price: 5£


  1. toller blog :) gefällt mir sehr!

    hättest du lust dir auch meinen mal anzusehen? fänd ich echt toll :*

    love <3
    wieczorama Fotoblog

  2. Edles Teil, das ist eine gute Investition.

  3. Woah, hätte ich auch zugegriffen, wie gut, dass er nachgehakt hat!