Sunday, 27 November 2011

you'll never guess where I have been!?!

...sometimes even a bag addict as I am can control her desire extremely easy.

Where did all those black cotton city bags come from? Do they have a special name? Why do people buy them???
They are so boring and ordinary, I'm sure even in the most crappy parts of the world you should be able to find a better souvenir. Seen them in London, Paris and Berlin for a quite a while but why on earth buying one with the most un-eventful and ordinary town names on as well???
Is it still in the tradition of the long gone Louis Vuitton graffiti bags? Hope not...
I just don't get it. I'm aware that probably a few people reading this here own one and might feel slightly offended but at least I made you aware of that now and there is still enough time to get your hands on a more decent model :-) Cause life's too short for ugly handbags :-)


  1. totally agree!!!!!

  2. really not pretty... true... but having Fulda on it or any "unimportant" small town is actually funny... well, but the quality and design are just aweful... i never understood people buying those

  3. I think the only reason why people buy this bags is to boast where they've been.