Friday, 23 March 2012

5 weaknesses of character/ bad habits tag

 Alice is bad ...I´m worse ;-)

I never put something back to its place...sometimes not for months. Especially bad with cards which I dump in my bag instead of putting them directly in my wallet again...and then I change my bag...problem

people always seem to have a problem to say no...I always say no first and have a problem to say yes in a spontaneous way

which leads to the next one:
 I am not spontaneous at all. I plan my day, plan my week, it doesn´t necessarily mean that I do what I plan but at least it was planned

which again leads elegantly to the next one:
I have no discipline whatsoever. Deadline is at midnight? I hand it in at 23.59. A bar of chocolate? I eat it, completely. Already have enough bags/shoes/clothes/shower gels? Fuck it, I only live once. Yes, quite bad...

I am vengeful. I can forgive someone something but I will never forget. And when I say never I mean it. I write all things into my diary and even keep lists of who forgot my birthday in what year. Silly, I know....

Pick up this tag if you feel like it :-)


  1. creepy... please never tell me the date...

  2. Wir sind bestimmt bei der Geburt getrennt worden - ich hab bei Punkt 3 grad sooooo gelacht. Ich halte mich zwar größtenteils an meine Pläne... aber wenn nicht, halt nicht, ne ;)Und Disziplin? *pööööh*

  3. oh, now I am scared of you ;)

  4. don't worry, apart from that I'm actually quite friendly ;-))

  5. Gegenseitig motivieren wäre klasse :) Haben wir eine Idee wie? Täglicher Statusbericht oder so? Meine Seele hat die Kritik jetzt so langsam weggesteckt, aber auf die eigenen Fehler (die man ja selbst kennt!!!!) gestoßen zu werden ist nicht sehr amusing *g*