Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My music

it has been a while since I filled in one of Miss W´s "Blogstöckchen" - the latest one is about music:

Which sort of music do you like?
impossible to limit myself here to a few genres...rock, indie, classical music, chansons, some folk, some pop, etc.

When do you listen to music?
honest answer? mostly on youtube late at night when I should be doing something else (like writing an essay...like now). I own a lot of cd´s, even have an iPod (only for the camera, hipstamatic app and wlan) but don´t listen to music very often. Don´t even own headphones... for me it is unthinkable to go for a walk or sit on a bus with music, way too worried about missing something!

The first three songs on your playlist?
Don´t exactly know what a playlist is but the first three songs that appeared when I had the iPod on shuffle where those:

...now you know what I mean with varied taste aka seriously split personality ;-)

A song that reminds you of your childhood?
Many as my mum constantly listened to the radio. Probably "Live is life" by Opus. Together with my mum we never really understood the lyrics and made up our own.

Favourite band or singer?
varies...a lot...Robbie Williams for sex appeal, Garou for the voice, Adele for the emotions, Status Quo for the rock and Queen for the roll.

Most memorable concert?
Robbie Williams at the Milton Keynes Bowl in 2006...stunning. Best concert experience ever.

Secret favourite cheesy song?
I'm absolutely no Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion kind of person. So this has to be "Sorry seem to be the hardest word" in the Elton John/Blue version.

Who would you like to see on stage?
when I was young I was desperate to see the New Kids on the Block - did that a few years ago so made my peace and now I'm free of any obsessions like that. The Rolling Stones would be nice...

Do you like musicals, operettas and operas?
My love for theatre of every kind started with a performance of the opera "Hansel und Gretel" on the 1.1.1994. Never ended since and probably a life changing experience for me. So yes, I do love operas a lot - some more than others of course. I do like an operetta every now and then but normally get scared of by the fellow audience that comes with it. And I do love Musicals since I saw "Sunset Blvd" and fell in love with Uwe Kroeger...but again, there is a lot of crap about as well.

Do you like festivals?
I like the idea of it...like watching Glastonbury on tv...I´m dreaming about going...dreaming about wearing Hunter boots that actually fit...dreaming about being cool and wild and young and rebellious for at least once...but I can´t see myself surrounded by thousands of drunks...and portaloos...no.  But I will go to a festival actually this summer but it will be a different type.

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