Friday, 30 March 2012

Das magische Kaleidoskop

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike theatre performances that are split into three parts by two intermissions?! Seems to be a fashion nowadays with ballet performances. I can see the reason behind this. Three completely different pieces need something in between to separate them. Dancers need to catch their breath and need to get changed. But the poor audience just gets bored!
Yesterday was one of those evenings. I went to see the ballet evening "Das magische Kaleidoskop" at the State Theatre in Wiesbaden. I felt as if, in the end, I spend more time wandering around the building and reading the leaflets than seeing some actual dancing on stage. Not really great, especially for all the "on-their-own-to-theatre-goers".
Not a bad evening in terms of modern dance and creativity but it didn´t get me. The first bit, "Testing machine" by choreographer Stephan Thoss. made me wonder about the meaning behind it so much that I had no time enjoying the dancing. The second part, "La chambre noir", was relatively boring and the third part, "Sechs Tänze" by the famous choreographer Jiri Kylian was simply too short to get into the right sort of mood.
Have a look at the trailer, as often with trailers, it looks promised more than the evening could deliver.

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