Thursday, 15 March 2012

a crackling fire...

...for beginners.
If you like candlelight, have a thing for scented candles especially, dream of having your own crackling and cozy fireplace at home but either your building or your budget doesn't let you - help is near!
Woodwick Candles!

I came across them a while ago and first didn't get at all why they were supposed to be special and so damn expensive. Unfortunately the "bakery cupcake" smell was so delicious that my husband went back to the shop and got me my first Woodwick Candle. As the name tells you, the wick is made of wood here...initially I thought of that as just some sort of gag to make them stand out but then I lit the first one:
the burning wood creates a crackling noise. constantly. like a real fire...a miniature real fire.

I love this effect but it can get a bit irritating for some sensitive people I'm sure so maybe think about that before going on a shopping spree.
The smell of both candles I tried so far is wonderful but on the stronger side as well so nothing for people who might already have developed a dislike in Yankee Candles or similar.

To summarise: lovely powerful scents, burns long, stylish glasses, a surprisingly pleasant, satisfying and fascinating crackling noise. Unfortunately not cheap at all but, for me, worth the money...

German Internetshop

PS: If you are after the acoustic effect but can't stand scented candles - they come in fragrance free too!

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