Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Maybe it is an age thing - suddenly I'm thirty and suddenly I'm (even more) obsessed with pricey leather bags. So far I thought that the bags from German label Liebeskind are bland, boring and over-priced...then came all the wonderful bags in nude, cognac, yellow, powder, baby pink, stone, ...

Now I'm lusting after them...still thinking that they are too expensive but keeping my eyes open for some special deals and sales.

To keep myself satisfied I bought a cute and handy little cosmetic bag made from lovely soft leather. Might be a proper grown-up lady soon and keep make-up in my bag for touch ups all the time...I might...


  1. I love Liebeskind. don't they have a shop at Wertheim Village ;)

  2. Hör doch auf... :o) Ich liebe Liebeskind. Und ich will die neuen bunten Sachen aus der Sommerkollektion alle!!!