Friday, 13 April 2012

cutting a long story short

In a recent article in German womens magazine "Laviva" the journalist Miriam Collée wrote about her decision to get her hair cut short Jean Seberg style. In that, one sentence caught my eye which went something like this " If you cut your hair short as long as you are still sort of young it is cool and stylish, if you cut it after you are 50 it is just practical".
I couldn´t agree more! I love the idea of really cropped hair and e.g. liked Emma Watson and Halle Berry way more with the pixie than with a long mane. But on the other hand I find it scary to look like that stereotypical post-menopausal German on a day out - wiry short hair, rain coat, mini backbag, sandals and no trace of make-up. Or to look like those scary women who find it fancy to wear their crop with purple or deep red streaks...village amazonians.
So the trick is to get your hair cut young enough...and wear it plain enough to make the look work.
Mine is nearly as short as I want it now...happy with it...and it won´t take me long after it will be all short in summer to decide it's time to let it grow again. Isn´t that the good thing about hair? It always grows back again so, be more brave ladies!


  1. *haha* ich hatte nur kurze Haare irgendwann in der Grundschule, aufgrund kleiner gemeiner Tierchen. Würde mir heute aber sicher nicht wirklich stehen. Sieht aber bei vielen Frauen echt gut aus :) LG und ein schönes We. Tine

  2. not with my kind of face, thanks... i would look like the moon :D

  3. It just needs so much time to grow again...

  4. lieben dank... recht haste natürlich... hab auch nichts gegen umwege, nur langsam hoffe ich dann doch, dass sich so ein paar "wünsche" erfüllen... ich bin doch nicht mehr die jüngste :D