Sunday, 1 April 2012

Dick Brave and the Backbeats

Three weeks ago I won tickets for a concert of "Dick Brave and the Backbeats" in Mainz. I had heard of them, knew what sort of music to expect but nothing more. Still was excited to go (especially as a ticket was worth over 40€!). Dick Brave is a fictional character "played" by nineties German pop singer Sasha. He suddenly turned up with his band some years ago now and pretended to be a Canadian rock´n´roll singer. And now he had done it again and released the second album.

Never been a "Sasha" Fan when he was en vogue, only vaguely remember the songs. Now, many years later and wiser I have to admit: he is a handsome guy. Maybe I should have spared a look or two in the past ;-)

The songs are partly self-written, partly songs from the 50´s but mostly rockabilly versions of nowaday chart hits (e.g. Rolling in too deep). They are happy, upbeat, cheerful and the I imagine the perfect background music for spring cleaning (which isn´t a bad thing after all!).

I now own both albums, I like the music, the "feeling good" vibe it´s got. The concert unfortunately got spoiled a bit by the really terrible acoustics in the Phönixhalle in Mainz, happy not to have paid myself.
But all in all a great vintage night out that would have been even better wearing a petticoat :-)


  1. I like rockabilly, The Baseballs are great, too :)

  2. Ich oute mich an dieser Stelle als Sasha bzw. Dick Brave Fan. Er ist großartig!

  3. Great post, great band! :) Rock on!