Monday, 30 April 2012

surround sound

Is it just me or do women just don´t care about expensive sound systems?
My husband is so proud of his dolby surround stuff and all I can think of is how much the speakers ruin the vintage feel of the living room. If I want to listen to music I do this because I like the song, the quality makes hardly any difference to me. So instead of working out how to use the big hi-fi unit I just listen to it on youtube.  If the surround sound is turned on for watching a film (which doesn´t happen often as I get bored and fall asleep too often and, if not, prefer watching Gardeners World or DIY SOS) it irritates me. If a noise suddenly creeps up from behind I get scared and dislike whole idea even more. If I want a cinema effect I simply go to cinema, it´s as easy as that :-)
So tell me ladies if you feel as well that huge speakers and tv screens are simply spoiling the interior design and a waste of money!?

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