Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Today I spend visiting a friend from the good old university times in her hometown Karlsruhe. Been there several times in the past but not within the last 4 years! Scary how time goes...

After spending hours on regional trains (which I love doing) I arrived and after saying hello to their cat Leyla, we wandered through town on that surprisingly warm and sunny day.

The city center is a mess due to extensive building works but we still found a relatively quiet corner and had ice cream while catching up on all the stories that happened in the last years.

Then the absolute highlight of this trip: we went to the A&S Bücherland, a shop stuffed full with 40.000 second hand books which all get sold for prices between 1 and 4 Euros only!!! Heaven!
I could have spend days in there...and ended up with eight new babies for my ever growing collection (preparing another blog post right now with more details).
I so recommend this shop, if you love books and enjoy reading without paying huge sums for new editions - go there!

After this lovely day and with a very heavy bag I sat on another train again and arrived at home happy :-)


  1. I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award and it would be great if you accept it :)

  2. i love stores like that... my favourites here are boulinier and gilbert joseph :)

  3. Ich liebe Schuh- und Taschengeschäfte, darin kann ich mich stundenlang aufhalten. Aber auch Bücherläden oder Bibliotheken üben eine Faszination auf mich aus. Wenn ich demnächst Freunde in Rastatt besuche, muss ich mal ins A&S Bücherland.