Sunday, 1 April 2012


Last night was one of those unspectacular wonderful evenings that I hopefully will remember until I get demented. Together with a friend I spend my first ever evening as a babysitter!
The two tiny ladies, 18 and 3 months old, were simply gorgeous. No crying apart from when it was needed, no fuzz, one full nappy and loads of playtime and fun. After they were both happily grunting and snoring in their beds we grown-ups had a fantastic time chatting. You really don´t need a fancy bar or similar to make a great night out sometimes!
And then the highlight. When we arrived we saw that next to the house was a small field of lovely colourful tulips ready for cutting and with an honesty cash box. As we are both plant and flower lovers we decided: after our job is done we will get some!

And so we did...shortly after a dark field...with little kitchen knives that were provided...the light of our phone torches...giggling...cutting ones...white ones...crinkly ones...petite ones...round and pointy ones...the neighbours and people driving past clearly thinking that we have lost it completely...or are drunk.
No, we just had a splendid time (and, of course paid at the end)!

What a great idea...what wonderful flowers...and what a night to remember :-)
Sometimes it´s the small things...


  1. it's often the small things, isn't it :)

  2. Ja also 7/8 stelle ich mir seltsam vor. Schlimmstenfalls wirkt das nämlich wie Hochwasser :D Die Hose steht ihm aber super, er hatte sie im Geschäft natürlich an und ist ja mit 1,90m recht groß, da kann er sie gut tragen - obwohl ich zugegeben auch etwas skeptisch war, zuerst :)