Thursday, 12 April 2012

You smell gorgeous!

Miss W is back with another interesting Blogstoeckchen:

your favourite perfume?
impossible to say, there are way too many to nake a choice and scents play an important part in my life (check out this and that). My signature scent? "Eternity" by Calvin Klein

which type of perfume do you prefer?
I like fresh ones as long as they have some sort of body and are not just the American "fresh linen" breed. I like heavy and old-fashioned scents if they are described as "smelling like granny" I will probably like them. The only thing I don't like is too much jasmine or lily of the valley.

your first perfume?
"Charlie Red" for going to theatre...still own it.

do you use matching body lotions?
only if they come for free in a set with the perfume. Don't really use them.

which perfumes do you own right now?
oooh...honest answer? In Germany I probably own about 150 different ones, here in England my collection has already grown to about 30-40 bottles. I know what you might say now...but I love perfumes, something I inherited from my granny!

which perfume is on your must-have list?
right now: Baiser Vole by Cartier, L' eau de Chloe by Chloe, Philosykos by Diptyque and PureDKNY by DKNY.

apart from perfumes - which smells do you like?
rain, first hint of spring in winter air, first hint of autumn in summer, leather, coffee, lime, christmas tea, steam trains, theatre stage and petrol.


  1. I had a feeling that you would participate in this particular blogstöckchen :)

  2. Das Pure DKNY möchte ich auch noch!!! :o) Trotzdem bleibt mein Favorit wohl DKNY Woman.