Sunday, 22 April 2012

tea´s ready!

Travelling within the UK you will have a hard time finding a hotel which doesn´t provide tea and coffee making facilities in every room (which means cups, biscuits, tea bags, horrid instant coffee, milk, spoons and a kettle). I find this simply fantastic as I´m one of those people who really panic when I can´t make myself something hot to drink (and always carry around various herbal teas in fact I catch some sort of bug). Don´t know how it is in other countries, please let me know if you have more experience there!

In Germany this is as good as never to be found. If you want a cup of tea you have to go to the hotel bar or find a café - how annoying and pricey! That´s why outside the UK I always travel with my small travel kettle in luggage, a very important item for me (has been used for preparing pot noodles on hotel room floors in Paris as well). The little things that can make a small european city trip feel like a big adventure :-)


  1. I actually found quite a few hotels in Germany that have kettles, instant coffee and tea. and hotels in the UK that don't... never occured to me to travel with my own, tho... :)

  2. Das liebe ich ja auch in England. Vor allem die Tee-Auswahl. ;o)

    1. Auswahl schon aber der Durchschnitts Brite trinkt eigentlich nur normalen Breakfast Tee...insofern sind Deutsche da wesentlich experimentierfreudiger (ich inkl. :-))

  3. already looking forward to it!

    i need to see this travelling kettle... how does that work???