Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tricky Tag

Again I didn´t get tagged officially but I like tags and I like the subject, so here is my tricky tag about "living" (as in accomodation). Found here.

In Germany I live in a small flat downtown in the house I grew up in. It doesn´t have a kitchen anymore but it is my castle where I can do whatever I want nearly all the time. Love that freedom and love the fact I have two places to store things...and two bathrooms to fill with my vast DM/Rossmann/Superdrug/Boots collection.

Speaking about castles - not many people have been invited into my flat yet. Reason number one is that I find my flat is quite a personal and intimate place and I feel uncomfortable sharing this with too many people. You see what books I read, what perfume I use, which photos are on display, which are not, which clothes I wear, what music I listen to...and you see the mess I live in which leads to:

I´m an extremely messy person, not a hoarder (but nearly). I used to hate that as I never could invite friends round when I was a child/teenager but now I embrace it as part of my personality. I just own too many things and have interest in too much so everything is constantly on the floor. 50% of my life I seem to be searching for stuff but most of the time I´m happy sitting in the middle of my dusty mess of lovely things.

My first years of spending time in England with my friend then boyfriend then fiancé then husband was spent in another flat in the country. Nicely cut, two bedrooms, nice view but awful neighbours (huge dogs, drug dealing, dirt and rubbish everywhere). Never minded being there but felt good to leave it

During our house hunting period I looked at 13 houses in total, my husband at over 20. Some were nice but we weren´t in a position to buy yet, others were shitholes. Can´t be said different. The excitement of looking at real estate wears off quickly...

Now we live in a four bedroom semi-detached house in a small city just outside of London. English people consider the size to be gigantic, the German in me finds tiny. Upside: I have a dressing room. Downside: still so much work and decorating that needs to be done.

For years and years I wanted to become an interior designer. I never tried it cause the entrance examination scared me off. Silly really, should have tried...I´m sure I would have been very happy in that job. And probably even happier as a stage designer...

If you wanna get a taste of how my dream design looks like then check out the work of English designer
Emily Chalmers . A huge inspiration and pretty much 100% what I want everything to look like (and, I can say that with some pride - achieved it in some corners).


  1. Sehr interessant zu lesen. ;D


  2. interesting... i´d love to read some more... especially about your passion for design ;)