Tuesday, 24 April 2012

world nomad!?

Sometimes this world really makes me wonder...makes me doubt the sanity of society and nourishes the wish deep inside of me to just sit in a simple straw hut in the middle of nowhere and become a dropout.
I'm talking about insurance companies.

It is two weeks now that I am officially registered in the UK. I have signed up with a GP ("Hausarzt"), got my National Insurance Number (something like the "Lohnsteuerkarte") and a bank account. I moved from one EU country to another EU country - something that I am allowed to do and is not subject to any restrictions.
Silly me now thought that having a travel insurance might be a good idea. The fact that I have been lucky so far when it comes to lost luggage, emergency medical treatment or delayed flights doesn't mean this will go on forever. So far so good, I had a look on several of the constantly advertising insurance comparison websites. Been told that it will be done within minutes and that I won't pay a lot for it.
Haha! Not when it comes to me of course!

All normal policies are only covering you if you have been a resident of the UK for the last 6 months!
If not, fuck you then.
Really, what is the reason behind that? Why do I get excluded only cause I have been in a different EU country so far? Is that supposed to be form of a curfew for new residents?
One insurance advised me to try my luck with the "world nomads" insurances. Bloody hell...a world nomad? Because I am a German who has moved to England? And need cover for trips that are normally not more distant than 700k???
I seem to have found a gap in the system again...and give up. Stuff like that is tiring me out and wastes my precious time. Will keep living my wild and risky life uninsured then...and keep on dreaming about moving into that straw hut and leaving it all behind...if only I could get the right sort of insurance for that move ;-)


  1. seriously??? I never had that restriction, I just paid for the insurance, and it was indeed never expensive. how would the even check how long you've been residing in the UK? no Meldepflicht, right? you often have travel insurance with your bank, by the way. I'm with HSBC and they have quite a good travel insurance, probably depends on the kind of account you have, tho... and Columbus Direct (that's who my general tavel insurance is with) insures people from all over the place, not just UK citizens. they just want to know where you live, not for long you've been living there, unless I've been wrong all these many years, but I don't think so...

  2. Well, all I know is that everything normally priced I looked at so far has this restriction, sometimes it´s only 3 months though. I think, in case of making a claim, there are ways and means to find out about the length of your stay (flight bookings, date of gp registration, NINo application, start of paying council tax). Just looked at Columbus and they won´t insure for under 3 months residents. And my Barclays account is too basic for all that stuff...but I will look into it again now!

  3. well, you can always get a singly trip insurance with your flight for the first three months. and if you have a national insurance number, which I never bothered to get in six yeas, being self-employed an alll, oooops, probably not quite legal :) and are registered with the NHS you can get that EU insurance card, whatever it is called right now. it's a pain, I know, but believe me, easier than it was in France. and I don't even want to think about how to get health insurance for Singapore...

  4. zu spät. Ich bin ja schon wieder in Deutschland...die EHIC hatte ich direkt beantragt aber die kam nicht mehr rechtzeitig an mit der Post. Ich bin in so Sachen einfach typisch deutsch, sprich 150%. So oft wie ich hi- und her wechsel kommt 6 Monate warten nur leider gar nicht in Frage (vor allem da innerhalb der nächsten 6 Monate ein USA Trip geplant ist).

  5. oh crap... how i hate stuff like that... and one can wait about forever to receive that "carte vitale" here... i never thought that i would ever experience "worse administration" than in germany :D