Monday, 30 April 2012

girl talk

Summer 2010 I sat down in a tattoo studio in Brighton and waited for my consultation (which image to use? is my ankle wide enough? how much would it cost?). I entered feeling really nervous - I´m generally quite a boring person and visiting shops like that is an experience far out of my comfort zone. So I basically sat there and waited until someone would say "Hey, this is a tattoo studio for the really cool and tough people. What do you want here?".

Anyway, two ladies came in after me. Best friends I guess, both well over 50. They started browsing through the books. I was relieved, now I wasn´t the most uncool person in the room anymore. After a while they looked at me and asked "So what did you get done?". Something in me wanted to answer "I got some botox, my nose straightened and breast implants" but I didn´t. Just smiled and felt a weird sort of companionship.

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