Tuesday, 1 May 2012

builder´s tea or "Morgens halb zehn in Deutschland"

Right now I´m living next to a building site here in Germany. Proper hard work for proper hard men. At 10 o´clock in the morning I see them with their first round of beer bottles open, many more will follow till the evening. This is not good, it´s against all health and safety regulations and it´s just wrong on so many levels. Still, it fits the image of builders.

If you have builders at home in the UK you have to keep them hydrated as well...with tea. Strong normal English breakfast tea with milk and sugar. It seems to be an unwritten law that all working men love tea (a few strange ones like coffee too)! I don´t wanna imagine the reaction I would get if I would go down to my builders here and offer them a round of tea. They would probably think I´m the crazy cat lady or something along those lines. And you can guess what they would make of a man offering tea...
As a German I find this bizarre but very charming. Isn´t a men holding a mug full of steaming hot tea much more fun than with a beer?


  1. Ja das gute alte Maurerfrühstück (bestehend aus Bier und Mettbrötchen). Ich glaube das ist aber wirklich so ein Maurerding, andere Handwerker in Deutschland nehmen lieber eine Tasse schönen heißen Kaffee.