Wednesday, 9 May 2012

old school

Last thursday wasn´t really my day. First I lost time with too many late and cancelled busses and trains, then I was forced to pay a transaction fee at a cash machine for the first time ever (and hopefully the last time too) and in the end managed to not get one of those free goodybags they handed out at uni this
But one thing happened that still made my day. While queueing at that cash machine from hell (aka the wrong bank) the girl in front of me turned round and asked "I love your bag. Where did you get it?".
Me! The bag lover! Getting complimented on this days choice!!! Woohoo!!!
Unfortunately it was my 20 year old school bag so I couldn´t help much with actual shopping advise but still, I tried my best.

This made me so happy that I can easily overlook the fact that she used the formal "sie" instead of the informal and more young and student like "you"...I´m not a student any more, I look old, but: apparently with style :-)

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  1. Sie hat dich bestimmt für eine Professorin gehalten :)