Monday, 14 May 2012


director: John Carney
year: 2006
with: Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová, etc.

plot: He is a street musician in Dublin, she sells roses to make a living. Both have a history, both are united by their love of music and talent...a different take on a "boy meets girl" story.

I liked: Gosh, it sounds so shallow but: everything. The story is so honest and touching, the music is simply divine and is imprinted in my mind since I first heard it. You just feel like you live in the midst of those normal people in the Dublin the tourist doesn´t see. One of those films that makes me happy to be alive (I know, sounds kitschy but you know...)
I disliked: First time I didn´t like the ending. I have to confess I shed quite a lot of tears and the open end left me somehow unsatisfied and sad. But now when I watch it again and again (as I do with my favourite films) there is nothing to dislike anymore...

verdict: *sigh* 86 minutes of fantastic music and a sincere and candid story that warms your heart without any silly effects or cinematographic tricks


  1. ich sehe immer die CD zum film im laden und bin ständig versucht, die mir zuzulegen!

  2. Totally agree - nothing to add.

  3. couldn't agree more... love it!

    eigentlich, tief im innern, will ich ja auch ne geile spiegelreflex... aber ich bin nicht so der technik-freak und naja... unpraktisch finde ich's auch... ist schon genug in meiner tasche :D als semi-profi brauchst du sowas aber... macht ja letztendlich auch bessere bilder!