Friday, 4 May 2012

Glossybox 4/2012

Well, here it is. The delayed German Glossybox for april. Before I share my opinion with you, here is the list of "ingredients":

  • Bärbel Drexel Augen-Frische Kühlendes Gel
  • BM Beauty Blusher
  • Eubos Hyaluron Repair&Protect LSF20
  • Guhl Prachtvoll Lang Shampoo
  • Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss
  • Thomas Sabo Charm Kiss Eau de Parfum

When I saw the first pictures on Facebook yesterday my anticipation dropped. Nothing looked particulary luxurious or useful. Today it arrived and I definitely opened it with less excitement than before, quite first reaction was "Oh, not that bad at all!"...and then I had a proper look and think and now I´m more critical.

Bärbel Drexel? I have never heard of and the products look not very appealing. It might be very green and healthy and I will definitely use the cooling eye roll-on but it doesn´t smell of anything and looks bland...hmm. Full-size at least.

BM Beauty? Again, never heard. Although I have become a blush addict with help of the blogosphere I´m not sure about this one. How to apply it? No brush fits into that tiny pot. Surprising that this is a full size!

The Eubos creme? Yeah, just used up the matching night cream - would have been better to hand them out as a set. Will be used but it´s tiny and a bit boring.

The Guhl shampoo has a decent travel size and is for sure a nice product, just not for me. My hair hardly reaches 10cm now so a nourishing shampoo for long hair is not really suitable - how good I have a husband with veeery long hair and a lot of use for this.

Illamasqua is a brand I´m interested in quite a lot as their products look fun and the so does their flagship store in London. To own a lip gloss of their range now is great and I´m looking forward to use it. The highlight of the box for me! If only the colour would be more wearable. Need to pick a very brave day to apply this one as it looks really dark...

And last but not least the Thomas Sabo perfume mini tester. Yeah, I´m not into the charm club thing at all. The perfume smells...ok...too chocolatey for my taste. And it doesn´t last very long at all.

Yes, I so wanted to be blown away by this box. I so want to stay their subscriber cause of the monthly excitement. 15€...I´m not sure now. I might swap to the Glossybox UK cause they looked amazing recently. Have to think about this one but, somehow I think the decision will be made fairly soon by the glossybox going out of business with all subscribers getting pissed off by the 50% price increase and the unsatisfying products...what a shame.

PS: Before I forget - it came with a postcard telling me about the new glossymag, incl. a competition ending on the 3.5.12...great when the box only got send on that day.


  1. Du hattest mit der Glossfarbe aber noch Glück, es ist definitiv eine der tragbareren Varianten. Es gibt genug die auch ein schwarzes oder türkises Gloss bekommen haben.

  2. Von den Produkten her finde ich es sehr abwechslungsreich, ist iwie für alles was dabei, das ist positiv. Aber die Marken.... *hust* Für die üblichen 10€ okay, wenn ich jetzt schon zu den 15€-Leuten gehören würde, wäre ich nicht ganz so erfreut, weil sowohl Eubos als auch nen 0,04ml Flacon bekommt man ja auch im Laden... dennoch, eigentlich könnte ich mit allen Produkten in deiner (!) Box was anfangen. Haste Glück gehabt :)

  3. I have joined many of these companies, I too seem to find them disappointing and always end up cancelling, the only one i have completely stuck with is Julep, love new nail stuff every month.