Wednesday, 9 May 2012


One of the details I only noticed cause my husband commented on it.
No matter if it´s morning, afternoon or evening - if weekday or weekend: Germans are very often seen carrying those plastic cake containers with them. Sometimes the classic round one, sometimes the square ones, sometimes filled with delicious looking and smelling cakes, sometimes with only some crumbs left.

I think those boxes are available in England (how could they not with a great shop like Lakeland existing?!) but I can´t say that I see them often. Do Brits not share their cakes? Do they not home-bake? Do they never use public transport or feet? Or: Are Germans a nation of wanna-be pastry chefs?
A miracle...


  1. Ich hab vier von den Boxen, weiß gar nicht, was ich in Zeiten gemacht habe, als es sie noch nicht gab :D

  2. Das ist etwas, was ich an Deutschland liebe: Die Backleidenschaft meiner Freunde, denn ich kann nichts backen!!! In meiner Heimat werden Kuchen gekauft :-(