Monday, 21 May 2012

creepy creepers

And another hype has started through blogs, online shops and magazines. Creepers! The fairly bulky shoes with the flat platform. Remember?

First are the really retro/mod ones

I sort of like them but would have no idea how to wear them. I'm not cool enough that they would naturally fit into my wardrobe and to wear them with "normal" clothes like a skirt looks adorable on Amelie Poulain but like a bull dyke (no offence meant) wearing safety shoes on me.

The other variety makes me smile...gosh, how much I liked them in school.

 Grade 6 and 7 I remember wearing them all the time. By the way, that's were one of my first shoe related trauma results from - it never took long until the fabric broke on the side and the shoe was ruined. Since then I'm scared that my more fragile and/or cheap shoes will break anytime.

Will I celebrate my very own revival and get some? Probably! Will you?

1 comment:

  1. Schuhe 1, nein, gefällt mir, an mir, nicht. Schuh 2... oh ja, in der Schulzeit geliebt. Aber heute...? Vielleicht wenn ich zufällgi noch mal über ein schönes Paar stolpern sollte ;)