Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Auld lang syne II

one last end of year post, I promise! From now on the new year has properly started and I will hopefully be posting a variety of stuff again :-)

Last year I had a look at my old resolutions so I wanna do the same reality-check this time.

2012 I wanted to:

  • lose more weight/ keep on running -->hmm, no. Same weight and haven't been running for ages.
  • stop talking about starting a family and doing it instead -->well, the biological clock is still ticking but I'm still damn good at blocking it out with the white noise of everyday life
  • read 30 books -->a mere 11 I managed. I blame the internet...
  • go to theatre 30times -->over achieved on this one, yeah :-)
  • watch 30 films -->mission accomplished!
  • get that 2 tattoo -->I still want it, I know what I want, where I want it and who should do it...only need to DO it now
  • change of shopping behaviour -->still binging on Primark and sale items unfortunately but maybe a little less often
  • use more foundation ;-) -->yes!

 so "drumroll", 2013 I want to:
  • buy/consume in small independent shops/cafes instead of chains whenever possible
  • read less reviews, forums and yellow press online as it tends to wind me up or upset me only
  • work harder for both universities
  • more de-cluttering at home
  • trying to be more groomed, more chipped nail polish or grown out hair cuts for the generation 30+
  • the same "30-rule" when it comes to theatre, books and films
  • all the remaining points from 2012 (tattoo, shopping, running, family planning!)

so let's keep our fingers crossed and let's all try our very best to keep our resolutions going. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2013!


  1. on y va!

    i hope you can keep up your resolutions and let us take part in your experiences ;)

  2. "go to theatre 30times -->over achieved on this one", i am really impressed!!
    My fingers are crossed for your 2013 resolutions!