Thursday, 24 January 2013


Yesterday I made use of the grey, cold and gloomy day and went to Frankfurt to see the "Privat. Das Ende der Intimität" exhibition at the Schirn (still on until the 3rd February!).

Turned out to be a brilliant idea, certainly a highly thoughtprovoking experience!

First it starts fairly innocent with diaries on display from the German diary archive (which I in fact only found out about yesterday) and old family film footage. The sort of thing that makes you curious but leaves you, or at least me, behind feeling strangely sad and deeply moved.
Then you walk on to well-known art like the famous "My bed" by Tracey Emin or over 4000 photos by Ai Weiwei taken from his blog. Never looked at his photos and was absolutely taken, couldn´t get enough of them.

Of course you cannot organize an exhibiton dicussion what happened to privacy in the last decades and what value it has today without including 18+ material.
A woman having sex photographed by her own son, another artist investigating the sexual relationship with his boyfriend through pictures, a huge screen showing lots of porn videos and through that making it quite grotesque.

Another highlight was definitely the 1959 film "Window Water Baby Moving" by Stan Brakhage where he filmed the birth of his first daughter. Unbelievable that this happened already in 1959. Check it out on youtube if you want to...but let me tell you, it´s not the sort of birth you see on tv and might shock some people.

A really fantastic exhibiton that will keep my brain busy for a while now.

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