Monday, 28 January 2013



187 Piccadilly

It's officially the oldest bookshop in England dating back to 1797 and still has that feel (although it is now owned by it's Goliath like neighbour Waterstones)
Anyway, if you like your bookshop looking like it could just as well be standing in Diagon Alley from Harry Potter then this is for you.
The pricing is not as good as in bigger shops but one thing makes Hatchards stand out from the rest and keeps me browsing. They organize a fair number of book signings and after that sell signed copies for a while for the regular price. And with authors I mean the big names here.
Great idea if you a really liking a particular author or if you are looking for a very special gift.


  1. It's a lovely bookshop. I have not stopped by for ages, though. The building is very old and somehow it felt like it was haunted the last time I visited.