Wednesday, 2 January 2013

the way to someones heart... through the stomach.

A really clever and simple idea which I came across recently (and directly asked myself why I never thought of it before!).
As a child I loved my "Poesiealbum" no matter how old-fashioned it seemed or how uninspired some of the entries were. This book is based on the same idea only that this time you collect recipes from your friends instead of wise words and stickers.
You hand it around and your friends will add one of their favourite recipes to it so in the end you should get a nice, personal and varied collection.

A fantastic idea! And of course you can use any book for this and don't have to buy the "official" one. Will definitely start soon.
Tell me if you are planning to do the same, will be interesting to see where this might lead to.


  1. What a brilliant idea. I've searched for an English equivalent,but without any success. However, as you say, you could simply use a blank exercise book.

  2. i like the idea... somebody did this as a gift for newly weds - she collected recipes and pictures from all her friends and family and made a book out of it :)