Thursday, 17 January 2013

Far and away

What are your plans for the summer holidays?
nothing in particular so far. Without kids and uni of course we try to stay away from the main holiday season.  September is full of weddings, October might finally bring a trip to the US...probably a few days camping in Somerset and a city trip to Helsinki or Edinburgh to celebrate our wedding anniversary in July.

What destination would be your choice if time and money wouldn´t matter?
spontaneous answer: Moscow and St. really nice hotels and with my own local travel guide to translate and protect me :-)

Your favourite city? Planning to go there?
London, Paris, Brighton, Mainz...and apart from Paris I wander around there constantly.

Any winter holidays booked for this year?
I hate snow and don´t do winter sports so nothing "proper". But maybe, if I finally get my act together and book, I will go to Vienna with my husband for a few days in February.

Busy sight-seeing or relaxing on the beach?
Bit of both but I´m definitely the walking, shopping, visiting and drinking coffee-type and never have been in a beach resort.

Would you like to go on a cruise one day?
No! The idea of staying in the same room all the time is intriguing but the risk of a noro virus outbreak is way too high. My biggest nightmare.

Are you visiting friends living somewhere else this year?
I have three weddings coming up this year as a guest and photographer that will involve travelling (Swabian Alb, North Friesland, Trier). Apart from that? Seeing my uni friend Bianca in Karlsruhe coming Saturday and possibly visiting another uni friend in Manchester.

Any family reunions planned?
distinct lack of family here

The best trip you have made?
feels unfair and wrong to single one out, not seen that much of the world yet.

What are your favourite means of transport?
plane, train, walking...don´t mind cars as long as I don´t have to drive.

Any daytrips in your area planned yet?
definitely, starting this Saturday actually. In "my" German area: Karlsruhe, Koblenz, Marburg, Mannheim and probably Hagen to do a uni exam. In "my" English area: Brighton, Portsmouth, Oxford, Canterbury, Reading

Acurate planning or taking things as they come?
Loads of planning and worrying and fussing...but never completing it so ending up somwhere relatively unprepared lol

You never travel without...
my cameras (but unfortunately often without my chargers), hand sanitizers (and not the weak drugstore stuff but the proper hospital ones that kill viruses as well), water, my diary, anti-sickness tablets


  1. i think i would like your way of traveling... walking around is the best way of exploring ;)

    when was the last time you visited paris? it's not that far and it's lovely in spring :D

    you're right about les halles... especially in the dark it's the creepiest place!
    although keeping an eye on your stuff is always a good idea in big crowds :)

  2. Haha, the hand sanitizer. I must admit that i often carry one with me, too.

  3. St. Petersburg kann ich dir nur empfehlen!