Sunday, 20 January 2013

Yankee Candle Ocean Blossom

Enjoy a relaxing escape with Yankee Candle Ocean Blossom Wax Tarts. This unique fragrance soothes the senses and refreshes them with the essence of a beautiful tropical lagoon surrounded by flowers. Sea salt and clean ocean breezes are blended with uplifting lotus and water lily.

Never been to a tropical lagoon so I´m not sure if it really smells like one. For my nose this is a heavily perfumed tart (sounds more suggestive than I intended lol) but fortunately a nice one. If you imagine taking a shower with a new and strong Ralph Lauren style "clean" American perfume then you get an idea. I like it!


  1. those candles are addictive and therefor dangerous :D i really should not even start o.O

    happy to hear about the play... not sure how this book can be transferred

  2. Oh I love Yankee!! Seriously I spend far too much money in that store! I'm totally going to go sniff that one!