Saturday, 30 April 2011

29th April 2011...

or: my opinion on some things seems to be different to mainstream again.

Yes, I spend pretty much all day yesterday to watch the royal wedding. I enjoyed it a lot and wish the happy couple the best of luck. And I was absolutely gutted that I was stuck in boring and lacklustre Germany...but anyway, here are my observations:

1) Trees are nice and green but I'm not so sure about them growing in the abbey.
2) I'm possibly the only person on earth who didn't like Pippa's dress. Too figure hugging (or she simply being too skinny for it), too white, her complexion too tanned - no.
3) Always mocked David Beckham but yesterday he looked absolutely stunning. What the right clothes can do...she looked like her normal bitchy self but he...rrrrrrrrrrrrrr

4) Wonder how well Sir Elton sang in church ;-)
5) The fascinator - I love fascinators - of Princess Beatrice was the worst thing ever and surely will return on all worst-dressed lists in the future

6) Being important and being well-dressed don't always go together anyway - spotted too many horrible colour combinations, old-fashioned hats and inappropriate bags (e.g. a Longchamp Pliage)
7) I love London
8) I the public university library
9) Proud to be British...well...British in my heart of hearts


  1. Love your post - disliked Beatrice's fascinator - liked Pippa's body - disliked Kate's eyebrows and so on and so on... but overall LOVE the British attitude:)

  2. Dieses Ding auf Beatrices Kopf war wirklich unmöglich! ;)
    Aber ich mochte Pippas Kleid sehr- wobei ich nicht verstanden habe, wieso es weiss sein musste! Das hätte an dem Tag der Braut vorbehalten sein sollen!

    Und David... hach!

  3. I agree, Kate's eyebrows were a bit much, but I did like Pipa's dress, and the trees. I only watched the wedding on TV (got up at 2am to see it) and am still quite disappointed that I wasn't in London for it... still, what a great event!

  4. Hab mich auch gewundert, dass Pippa weiß tragen durfte. Hätte man glatt verwechseln können, die beiden... Ich fands schade, dass Will sich nicht umdrehen durfte als Kate die lange aisle da lang gelaufen ist. Und jetzt kennt Beatrice wenigstens hier auch jeder!