Friday, 15 April 2011

Tresspass by Rose Tremain

Since I arrived on the island again I'm having one of my reading flashes consuming book after book while sitting in one of the lovely London parks or on my long tube rides.
One I finished in St. James Park last sunday morning is this one - "Tresspass".
I have no idea how it made it onto my bookshelf, I'm sure I never picked it up so it must have come in a TV book club order last year.
Anyway, it is the story of Audrun and Aramon Lunel. Brother and sister, living in the south of France...hating each other but being connected through the history they share and their house, the Mas Lunel. The second couple are Veronica and Anthony Verey, again brother and sister. He, the disillusioned and depressed art dealer and snob from London. She, the successful garden designer living in France together with her life partner Kitty, a non-successful paintress.
Don't wanna give away too much but the book drew me into the story from the very first page. It is difficult to categorise it. Bit of crime...lots of psychology...and all written in a beautiful descriptive language. Probably not the right book if you are looking for a thriller but definitely worth reading. A story about dysfunctional families, the strong and awkward bonds between siblings and about the meaning of being at "home".
I enjoyed it.

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  1. Ich werde nicht versuchen dich einzuholen, ganz im Gegenteil, ich werde rigoros reduzieren!!! :)