Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Yesterday I went out for my first round of shopping and checking out what's new in English shops again since I left 8 weeks ago. Staines is far away from being a shopping dorado but it was a good enough start, there will more exciting opportunities soon and I have no money anyway...
I seem to have developed the same irrational behaviour as other bloggers. I have never been interested in a product, I don't need it as such, I read about it...and again...and there it it: the urge that I HAVE to have it. I'm hooked...so yesterdays haul is a nearly 100% proof of that theory.

Barry M. nail polish in "Dusky Mauve" (apparently a Chanel "Paradoxal" dupe)
Sleek eye shadow palette "Paraguaya"
Sleek pout polish "Sugar May"
Marks&Spencers perfume "Azure Breeze" (which is definitely a dupe of D&G "Light Blue")
the up-to-date Marie Claire as it has a 100ml bottle of "Grumpy Cow" body lotion with it from the "Cowshed"


  1. now I need to go shopping too ;)

  2. ooh you live in Staines? I used to live there :P

    And as for Marie Claire and the Cowshed lotion.. I'm addicted to mine (have got the same one as you) :)