Thursday, 21 April 2011

my life in shoes...

Miss Winkelmann has done it again. This week's "Blogstoeckchen" is about 5 pairs of shoes, your own ones or some you would love to have. As I'm quite a shoe person and own so many different pairs that it can get embarrassing, I just picked the 5 pairs that were closest so this is going to be pretty random.

Those ones I got about 5 years ago at Primark in England for around 6£. A bit too big but so comfy and always been fairly versatile and chic. Unfortunately they are falling apart now but I can't part with them yet...the dust on them is still from endless visits to the "Jardin des Plantes" in Paris about 4 years ago

my first pair of FitFlops. Was sceptical as they look bulky and wasn't sure if they could live up to my expectations which were reasonably high (considering they cost over 40£ for just Flip Flops). But I'm in love with them, wearing them for the third season now and got another pair too. Comfortable like hardly any pther shoes.

My lovely mauve coloured Clarks wedges from last year. I fell in love when I spotted them on the website but thought they were too expensive. As soon as they went on sale I was happy and ordered straightaway...but it was january 2010 and we got snowed in...I remember tracking the parcel..."loaded into van"..."unloaded from van to depot"..."loaded"..."unloaded"...but even the worst winter comes to an end eventually and those finally found their new home with me.

Adidas trainers...yeah, still can hardly believe it but I seriously have started to go running three times a week together with my husband now. Probably one of the strangest things I have ever done but at least it was another excuse for getting new shoes :-)

And, last but not least, this pair of olive flipflops with sparkly bits from the Accesorize sale in 2007. Got them for our yearly Guernsey holidays. And then, completely unpredictably, they played a very important part during my wedding in 2008. As we took quite a few pictures on the beach I took those flipflops as back-up shoes. So 50% of my wedding pictures are now showing those trustworthy friends.


  1. I adore the Clarks wedges. I have just noticed btw that I do not own a single pair of classy brown shoes... I guess I know what I will be up to next week ;)

  2. I loooove the Clarks!!!! Fabulous!