Monday, 18 April 2011

Columbia Road Flower Market

As I tend to be very early in London I decided that this sunday is gonna be perfect to finally visit the Columbia Road Flower Market. Wanted to go for a long time but a) I never had a garden to put any plants in (and of course can't buy cut flowers if I have to carry them with me the next 10hrs) and b) it always seemed to be completely out of the way.
Call me a chicken but I'm slightly intimidated by the thought of going to the east end. I know it's cool and trendy but I know as well that it is a more problematic area and it some parts simply looks grubby. Anyway, that's just me (the one who one day wants to live in Hampstead, haha).

So I started my walk at Bethnal Green station and arrived at the market aboout 20min later. It's only a short bit of road actually dedicated for the plant sellers but as it is so busy it still takes a while to get through it.
So many beautiful plants and flowers. Felt like being in Amsterdam sometimes, just with different accents...and better prices ;-). Street musicians playing, the air smelling of flowers and bacon rolls. The absolute perfect place to start a sunny spring sunday.

Bought 5 poppy plants in the end. Where sold as roots so was less to carry and more likely to survive. When I opened the muddy plastic bag last night I found out I got 9 plants. You even get good deals on that market!

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