Friday, 8 April 2011

on the road to nowhere...

One interesting thing I noticed yesterday when sitting on the passenger seat driving along the Thames. I would see a , e.g. Kingston Road which logically leads to Kingston after a while. I found this highly unfair for the people in Kingston as they don't get a helpful clue where the road might be leading to. I was thinking loudly and my husband started explaining:
Apparently many roads change their name to make themselves more helpful. Kingston Road is only Kingston Road as long as it is leading out, e.g. Staines. When it gets closer to Kingston (and you get closer to your destination) the same road is called Staines Road. What a clever system! And I thought I was so clever thinking about this "problem" for the first time ever...anyway, let me know if similar things happen in Germany cause I can't think of any examples.

PS: And it actually does make more sense in reality than in my description...:-)

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  1. interesting. I didn't know that! I wonder if there is something like that in G...