Friday, 22 April 2011

How to lose friends & alienate people

Misanthrope as I am, I was directly attracted by the titel of this film. The fact it has Simon Pegg in it (whom I like since seeing "Hot Fuzz") convinced me even more that I wanted to see it.
What shall I say - it is pretty much a male version of "The devil wears Prada". Sidney Young, mediocre journalist from London, desperately wants to become one of the celebrities and tries it all from crashing VIP parties to pretending to be someone else. One of the biggest people magazines from New York gets interested in his unusual and controversial work and he gets a job there. Of course he climbs up the career ladder although he always causes trouble due to his freaky and rude behaviour. And of course a bit of romance has to be in it as well - he falls in love with co-worker Alison (Kirsten Dunst).
So far so good, I must say I quite liked the film. It was funny despite some bits of silly slapstick. I will never understand what about Megan Fox (who plays basically herself in the film is considered so sexy and I probably will never be a huge fan of Kirsten Dunst, but: it was entertaining!
Entertaining, not too stupid or absurd and Simon Pegg is just trustworthy and authentic in a funny way, hard to explain. So if you like a bit of entertaining with a bit of style and humour in front of a NY setting, I can recommend this one!

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