Monday, 4 April 2011

German Extrawurst

It's quite unbelievable what I found today during my Waitrose shopping trip. Had a wonder through the meat section and saw this:

First I just saw it, the laughing flash set in a few seconds later (I was on my own so the other customers probably thought I just had escaped some sort of asylum).
For the non-german speakers: the term "Extrawurst" is as far I know not a description of a sausage variety. It is a word used in the saying "eine Extrawurst kriegen" which means that someone very picky always needs to get something extra and special ( translates it into "to get special treatment"). Apparently in Austria the Extrawurst really stands for a special cooked sausage but at least the majority of Germans should have a good laugh about it :-)
Don't think Waitrose is aware of that...had to buy it (and will force my husband to eat it) cause it doesn't happen often that you can buy such a special treatment in shops, does it?

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