Monday, 18 April 2011

National Portrait Gallery

Last sunday I thought I should visit my beloved National Portrait Gallery again for a while. It is so fantastic that all the big museums don't cost here! Makes it possible to just sneak in, look at a few bits and not having to worry about getting an art overkill. I always think that the National Portrait Gallery is especially interesting for people who consider themselves as not so "arty". It is easier to get a connection when you actually know the people shown and if it is a photo it makes it even easier.

I had a look at a small room with photos of Sarah Lucas, a British artist broaching the issue of masculinity and gender. Not something I'm ooooverly interested in but as I had a uni seminar about a similar subject recenty I started to become a bit more curious.
I'm always good in changing subjects so the next small exhibition I walked to were two display cabinets with photographies of famous ballet dancers in Britain. I love ballet and I love photography so definitely interesting for me. One picture (I can't find it online) that drew my attention was one of a very young Russian dancer who, before becoming more famous, shot himself because of his failed marriage. Those are the small, nearly forgotten stories that stick to my mind...
My last stop lead me to the toilets...and to the hidden small exhibition space in the basement full of photographies done by Mary McCartney. Yes, she is the sister of Stella as the next picture gives away easily. Beautiful portraits of celebrities...sometimes backstage, sometimes arranged. Definitely worth more than a quick look.

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