Tuesday, 12 April 2011

never give up trying

Got up at 6 o' clock this morning in the fresh breeze and sunshine. Did the laundry, wrote some emails I was meaning to write for weeks, blogged, tidied a few things and went into town before any kids hit the high-street (school holidays again here, as always - at least that's how it feels to me).
So another day started following one of my looong to-do-lists...and then. It's early evening, I get lazy. Don't read any of the books I should have read a while ago for university. Don't just drink tea but have a large portion of rum and raisin ice cream as well followed by some crisps. Don't wear some of my new and nice and stylish things but some old T-Shirt with holes in it. Don't do a indulging face mask but fall asleep with mascara still on. Don't watch any interesting film, no, waste time watching "Come dine with me" or "Four Weddings". Seeing the same ads again and again and still lacking the energy and willpower to leave the sofa and get something done!


Why do I start nearly everyday thinking "this is going to be perfect and I will do everything right today"...and then I slip again and waste precious time doing nothing really. Annoying...like that the to-do-lists of mine will never be ticked all the way through. Frustrating...but typically human?!?


  1. funny. other people write down my lifestory... ;)

  2. sounds familiar. I've recently read some books on that topic that helped me a lot, in the sense of understanding the mechanisms behind that kind of behaviour, I haven't managed to change it yet, but it's gotten a lot better. (I am usually not into self-help books, I am way to German for that, lol, but some of them are really good). let me know if you are interested and I send you the names (don't just want to dump stuff on you ;)


  3. yes, let us know what books at least have the possibility in them to help us out of our misery. I quite like self-help books but always fail in actually living what's written in them.