Saturday, 16 April 2011

car boot sale saturday

We started this beautiful sunny saturday with going to a local car boot sale (after having been out running, can't say how amazed and proud I am as this is the second week "running" ).
My first car boot sale in Britain and I really enjoyed it. One of my vows for 2011 was to declutter my flat (and life) and bring it all to charity shops...and to buy in charity shops and second-hand much more. Working well so far and it is so much more satifying and entertaining to shop that way.
Anyway, that's what we got today. 2 pictures as they show views of my husbands hometown (what a coincidence!), 1 picture as it has my husband's last name on it, one little glass for growing bulbs in (you normally only get them for hyazinths so I'm searching for a long time for those small, crocus sized ones), 2 fuchsias too brightern up our garden, and (wouldn't be me without): a handbag! Lovely and cute beauty case style in black patent moc croc. Perfect day :-)

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  1. I just literally went through your whole blog. Think it's called stalking! ha..

    Anyways, never been to a car boot sale myself but I know a lot of people have found lots of nice vintage things there. Just the thing is: don't really know of any (sales) in London :P